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 How to make Chimera Blood or QML Blood

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How to make Chimera Blood or QML Blood Empty
PostSubject: How to make Chimera Blood or QML Blood   How to make Chimera Blood or QML Blood I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 10:34 pm

Apparently, Chimera Blood is needed for one of the quests in the game. So after getting as much info as I can, here's a guide to how you can make Chimera Blood for you to use in the game, or for one of your quests.

There are 3 ingredients that you need to create Chimera Blood.

Book of Alchemy - this is a rare drop item and only 2 monsters carry it: The Goblin Captain in any Level 2 Area, and the Hoblins in either a Level 3 or Level 5 Area.

Capella Water - the easiest item to get. You can simply buy this from the Tool Shop for only 2000 Gold.

Beast Blood - this is said to be most difficult item to get. 6 monsters carry this item, but the chances of getting one are less than 7%. The monster(s) to hunt down are - Gobs Jackal, Blood Wolf, Shadow Beast, Harpy's Jackal, H-e-l-l Hound, and Garm.

Once you finally found all 3 items, go to your respective Kingdom Capital and seek either Ang at D4 in Netzavare, or Maureen at E:3 in Yelsord (I'm not sure of the other NPCs in the other Kingdoms). That NPC will then give you a Chimera Blood as a reward.

You only need to use the book of alchemy once after that you don't need it to brew anymore.

These might not be 100% accurate still have to go on HK forum or Gamania to find out.
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How to make Chimera Blood or QML Blood
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