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 The card game at gacha

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The card game at gacha Empty
PostSubject: The card game at gacha   The card game at gacha I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 5:08 am

it cost 2 rings per ticket

its basically find a pair win something and stop or continue but i usually stop after the first pair lol Cool

if u make a pair of dragon = x20 steak
pair of GOH = 5 defense enchants
pair of Giant = x10 hi power pots
pair of chimera = jar of oblivion (skill reset)
pair of knight = 10 hi regen pots
pair of wraith = whetstone
pair of obelisk = 5 attac enchants
pair of WW = 5 building dmg enchants

which i think is better than wasting 90 rings and get crap lol also u can recycle the jar so if u get lucky and try to aim for chimera all the time is like wasting 2 rings to make 40 rings and farm rings this way......
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The card game at gacha
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