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 Hong Kong FEZ Terminology [ Updated 11/10/2011 ]

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Hong Kong FEZ Terminology [ Updated 11/10/2011 ] Empty
PostSubject: Hong Kong FEZ Terminology [ Updated 11/10/2011 ]   Hong Kong FEZ Terminology [ Updated 11/10/2011 ] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 1:18 am

So I figured I'd put a thread here on some terms commonly used by the HK players. This is only from what -I- know and if you wish to contribute please feel free to do so.

Racist remarks will not be encouraged and posts doing so will be removed. Thank you.


Word -------------> Meaning

ON9 = According to several of our HK friends in NETZ, This simply means Stupid, or Retarded. A most favorable spammed word in any battlefield. Short and straight to the point. One of my HK friends had told me that 'on9' is the way the swear word is pronounced in Chinese.

Sosad = Simply means "Your attempts are SO sad get some skillz please" lol at least that's how I interpret this. The correct spelling in HK Server is indeed without a space seperating So and Sad. This is done perhaps to save half a second of typing time. Anyways somehow it seems cooler this way. I'm sure we'll see this being used when NA servers return.

88 = "Bye bye". A Farewell saying using double eights. I believe the eights are used because the Chinese might find it tedious having to press CTRL + Spacebar to change language imput just to tell somebody goodbye. Don't ask me why they don't just say it Chinese. Perhaps it doesn't sound as nice?

Team = This is the actual word used for "Party" in HK. This is simply from personal speculation since usually when a HK player asks me to join their party they say "Team". I've used this on several occasions to party other HK Players and they seem to understand just fine. Asking them for a party takes me a ridiculously long time. This is indeed based on personal experience once again.

QML = Chimera. Opa told me the acronym spells out to "Qui Me La" So we think this is what it is. So if you see this in the battlefield you better get your ass to said coordinates!

Ping = Lagger. They're not calling -you- ping. They're calling you a plain and simple lagger-get-the-fk-out-of-HK. The majority of HK players don't use the word lagger, Except those fluent in both english and Chinese. So if someone -does- call you a lagger, It's most likely another NA player that lags just as much as you do.

P = Same as ping. often you'll see a chinese character followed by P and another chinese character. (those of you who see chinese know what I mean)

Sor = Shorthand for "Sorry". It's often seen when a double ob occurs of if one of the HK Players break roots or does something that is just...plain stupid. Although it's most commonly used when honest mistakes occur.

Country = Used to describe nations. When I talk to other HK Players and we talk about other nations we simply reffer to them as Green Country, Blue Country, Red Country, Yellow Country and Purple Country. They seem to understand the color names and the word country. I think it's best to use this since nobody really knows the pronounciation of the nation names in chinese. ( To English).

FD = Shorthand for "Friend'. A lot of people didn't know this so here it is.

Nation Task = Mission Map. When you mention MM to the HK they don't know what the heck you're talking about. Two HK have come up to me and have asked for help with the "National Task". So this is perhaps how it's said. Or just how their translators said it. Anyways it's been used and here it is.

Diu Nei = Fuck you

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Hong Kong FEZ Terminology [ Updated 11/10/2011 ]
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