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PostSubject: THE BASICS   THE BASICS I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 10:27 pm

some useful keys but people usually don't use
'Y' - shortcut setting
set ur shortcut to report battle info more faster and easier
'N' - chat setting
suggest to set message bar to 15 or more
'Alt' - switch cursor
switch to feather can easily search and follow a hiding target
'T' - trade accept
increase the passing crys' speed
*PS: keys can be set at the file *://FantasyEarthZaro/data/INPUTDEF.INI*

type '/list' and '/list pronoun' to check all the orders u can add in the shortcut
Ex: /as /15
/a En[]
/eq equipment name

the Basic of a War
-make enemy base hp to 0
*if time is over, defending side win*

-a big crystal has about 532 crystals
-mining speed
5sec/cry when u get ≤12 crys
10sec/cry when u get more then 12
-everone can carry at most 50 crys once

-build OBs to light up map and damage enemy base
-build ATs to help defending the frontline
-ever dark part on the map can be counted for territory

-knights are the basic for any other summons, need keep having knights all the time
-try to report when u r summoning

Crystal Bank
-cuz everone can not mining enough crys for summoning alone, passing crys and a crystal bank are necessary
-a bank can increase mining efficiency and summoning efficiency

-at least 2 miners in a war
-lv do not effect mining speed

-everone should report ever battle info to all army, especially when u see enemy summons
-set up ur shortcut and use them to help reporting

-characters are invisible during they are knocked down (away), getting up, doing sidestep (only a moment)
*(only) one hit can hit on an enemy who is knocken down by DownDrive (fencer skill)*
-when someone is being stunned or rooted(frozen), ONLY the smallest damage ll be counted if there are more than one people is hitting at the exactly same time
-do NOT knock down (away), when an enemy is stunned or rooted
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