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 Fencer Guide

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PostSubject: Fencer Guide    Fencer Guide  I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 10:25 pm

Ultimate Detailed Fencer Guide by Eve

Note:In addition to this guide I'll also be adding a link to a very good fencer from the JP servers and please watch carefully to his timing for counters and how he deals with every type of situation. The link can be found at the top and bottom of this guide. I am posting this in panda forums for a week or two before releasing it to FEZ forums so please do not copy and paste this anywhere as your own work or I'll be very pissed off D:<.

The link to the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SEJzFf5vMQ

And the video itself~

The Mind-Set

You are a defender and a technical solo class. You do not engage in frontlines unless you have nothing better to do or you lack the reflex to counter and is one of those penetrate-all-over-like-flies fencers. You are best out venturing alone killing sappers and stragglers or being part of small battle groups. Never engage in a large battle where you will be targeted by more than 2 people at any given time without a deathwish, a written will, and a funny death comment.

Table of Contents

I. Skill Over View
II. Team-play Tactics
III. Countering Tips Class by Class (Cestus and gunners will be added when released in NA FEZ)
IV. Final Tips and notes

I. Skill Over-View

The fencer skill tree, like the cestus, is extremely linear and will only require you to give up either finish thrust or negate magic( I do not recommend getting lv 1 of both since it's weak and unconventional)

I will list the order in which I have obtained the fencer skills(for players with 150- ping and the reflex to counter or the willingness to work on their reflex):
LV 1-4: Keen sense, Strike Down lvl 3
LV 5-16: Max out the Pentrate Thrust route( quick move>tumble>penetrate thrust)
LV 17-35: Max out Finish Thrust route

For other fencers:
LV 1-4: Down Strike and Flash stinger maxed out
LV 5-17: Max out Penetrate Thrust Route
LV 18-20: Keen Sense
LV 20-35: The rest depends on play style, ks-ing max out Finish Thrust first. If you're feeling lucky like those people who spam counter praying to god it works or you have problem dodging magic then max out negate magic route.

There are of course several alternative ways to add points but these 2 are in my opinion most likely to get you somewhere and not look too fail

Skills I use in order skill bar (and a brief description of its use):
1. Basic attack- 0 pw - Can do a 3 hit combo, does more damage than any other class and is one of your main offensives
2. Strike Down - 18 pw -The counter move, can counter all melee and ranged attacks(yes, every single bscout atk is counterable) along with summon attacks asides from Chim's magics and wraith ice and darkness
3. Penetrate Thrust - 32 pw - Your main chasing and mobility move, use this to get around, chase, and even ks
4. Flash Stinger - 30 pw - Does quite a lot of dmg and can be spammed, very useful due to flinchlock and affects even warriors with embolden and cestus with their similar move Shut Out
5. Tumble - 10 pw - Tumbles backwards for max of 3 jumps and you are given invincibility frames while jumping(the invincible status will actually appear in bottom right of screen)
6. Finish Thrust - 42 pw - Ignores resistance and does quite a lot of damage, generally a finishing move like its name suggests
7. Down Drive - 26 pw - Knockdown that grants one hit after the person is on the ground, a good team skill if well-used
8. Keen Sense - 30 pw - allows you to see your surroundings in blinded state(works for both wraith blind and scout blind), while blinded it will reveal hidden scouts, however in this state of blindness FoF(friend or foe) tags will be disabled

II. Team-play Tactics

When fighting in battle, always watch the map for stragglers and sappers. You are known as the strongest 1v1 class and don't blemish that title. You do not fight in large groups but instead only in small groups like sapper teams or without anyone at all. You do not engage in frontline battle unnecessarily or else go play a different class.

Definition of a Front-Line: location where the most friendly and hostile forces that are presently on the battlefield are fighting

When playing defensively or when trying to retreat or protective fellow teammates:
penetrate thrust to front>down drive>tumble back(don't try anything fancy like adding a finish thrust unless there really arent that many enemies there. Don't hang around and get yourself killed, after all, what good is rescuuing someone if you can't even keep yourself alive.

When playing offensively or in most normal situations:
1. Watch for max flash stinger range and use it when you can, but don't spam 3 times except in 1v1 or with pw hi-regen and pw enchants on since you can't do anything with 10 pw = =

2. Counter only knowing that you have the reflex and make "sure" counters. Don't waste pw with pray-to-god-the-other-person-will-hit-me-at-exactly-same-time counter since all that will get you is a heavy smash to the face from warriors who are used to watching for this kind of fencer.

3. Tumble is not only a getaway move, what people fail to realize is it's ability to also be a get-near move. Those who have played the Monster Hunter series may be familiar with the fact that with invincibility frame you get when dodging and timing, you can actually dodge into enemy attack(when I say into, I MEAN into). This is pssible with normal sidestep but it's a lot harder. With tumble, you can roll and get close to a mage spamming spells at you in futile resistance. Also, do not tumble 3 times constantly as it is pw consuming after some uses and is too predictable with set number of jumps. Instead do single jumps or double jumps and sometimes triple when your opponent doesn't see it coming

4. Basic attack is often a looked down upon skill, however, it is the fencer's strong point. It does nice dmg with chances of critical and against non-emboldened or non-ShutOut players can cause a degree of flinchlock if done right with quick succession(This has been tested).

Against summons:
1. Just like other classes with knockdown like bscout and 1H, do not down drive when you have other players trying to attack the summon unless the summon is near somewhere where it could be knocked off

2. If you are alone, feel free to use down drive and finish thrust

3. If you have the timing to down drive knights then feel free to set up one free atk for a stunner or a debuffer

4. All summon skills are counterable besides wraith's ice and darkness, chim's magic, and giant's cannon. I have seen wraiths that sinply gave up slashing me after countering their slash several times wwwwwwwwwww. I've also killed knights with this lol.

III. Countering tips

Against each class/type:

1. General - Pay attention to what skills they use, which gives a clue to how much pw they have left over

2. Warriors -
Smash and heavy smash are by far the most deadly and hardest skills to counter. With their speed, it is unlikely to counter them without either doing a guess based on the opponent's habits or with reflexes fast to the point you click on counter the moment they're hand moves(this is trivial if you have Sharingan jkjk)
DT and BT are easy to counter, just wait a bit and counter before they land. But you will generally knock them down due to the fact those 2 skills are considered jumps. You will take 2 hits but not flinch if you counter a dt so it depends on you whether you want to trade 2 dt hits for a finish thrust or something.
Strike Smash and Slam attack are somewhat easier than the smashes to counter and is quite reflex counterable, just click the moment you see the start the jump. This will knock them down since SS is also a jump.
Ranged Series: Sonic boom and force impact are easily counterable if the click if done when the other's arm is moving. If you see the attack flying at you already, then you are too late.
Crumble Storm: roughly same countering time as SB and FI, can seem a little faster since warriors will only use this when you are close which also means you ahve less time to counter. Not a big deal though so if you can counter SB and FI then you will have no trouble with this.
Stuns: I generally down drive against stunners since I like getting stunned for stun immunity 30 seconds and they won't be able to hit me while they're down. However if you plan to counter this you'll have to counter when they are in stun range since stun is now pretty much instant with exceptions to lag. Stunning range must be learned regardless of what class you play!
Earth Stamp - Pretty much same as BT and DT, just watch for their landing and counter before that
Blaze Slash - This is also really fast and are hard to counter like smash and heavy smash but is a lot less deadly

3. Sorcerers - Not counterable period ._., i suggest learning to dodge with sidestep and tumble. Magic negate if you want or have it.

4. Dagger Scouts - Ha this is a fun class to fight.
All debuffs are pretty much the same speed and I'd say the timing is pretty close to that of warrior's sonic boom at point-blank range...which isn't very hard with a bit of practice. Anyways, good fencers have no fear for dscouts unless they got the first hit on you with a debuff of some sort using hide. Then again that kind of situation applies to all classes so just learn to scan and you'll be fine generally.
Punishing Strike: This skill is a joke. Listen for the sound or jump and counter it as you see fit. Easiest to counter skill in the game. In a 1v1 situation, if you get psed, you have no business playing a fencer. I will give some slack though to players who are fighting in a group and happened to get hit by another skill as a pser jumps www.

5. Bow Scouts - Overall the easiest class to counter, all skills can be countered if you click when you see the archer raise its hands for a skill. I would not counter a good basic atk bscout since you're wasting 18 pw after all for each strike when the bscout is using absolutely none.

6. Summons -
Knight: all counterable, very easy to counter, though there aren't that many dumb knights running around anyways but for harasser knights just counter all you like; you will be dealing a lot of damage to it if it's too stupid to realize it's taking counter damage
Giant: Only the footstep is couterable and its timing is about same as Behemoth Tail of warriors, either way, if it's slow, it's easy. Amen
Wraith: Wraith slashing attack is the only counterable attack and is a lot harder to coutner than most skills, It is quite fast and the counter must be executed instantly when you see it's hand move or better you see it coming. It is as fast as warrior's smash so wraith countering isn't advisable in most circumstances unless you just want to have some fun

7. Cestus - To be updated when released

8. Gun Scouts - To be updated when released

IV. Final Tips and Notes

I can't stress this enough, for players who want to actually become a good fencer and reflex counter, you NEED to have less than 150- ping if not 100-. It is crucial! If you are going through some spikes or somewhat higher ping i suggest going to flash stinger spam and not using too much counter except for the slower moves like force impact and behemoth tail. For readers of this guide, some may question why I did not write how to deal with every single class in actual combat. However, fact it, there are too many type of fencers with different habits out there and despite the linear skill build, fencers are VERY versatile. You have fencers who love strike down and finish thrust, those who can counter, and those who spam penetrate thrust and finish thrust with some random basic attacks. My only tip would be: counter what you know you can counter and watch your pw bar at all times while keeping track of enemy's pw range. This is especially important for fencers as you will spend a lot of time predicting how the opponents will act and considering their options. If you are getting ganged, please do run unless it's less than 3 people and at least one or two is killable quickly. In addition to this guide I'll also be adding a link to a very good fencer from the JP servers and please watch carefully to his timing for counters and how he deals with every type of situation. The link can be found at the top and bottom of this guide.

The link to the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SEJzFf5vMQ

Thank you and enjoy. Please give me some feedback if you want and any changes you think is needed just tell me.

Last edited by Renzo on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:30 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added video viewable through forums)
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PostSubject: The secret to killing fencers?!?!!??   Fencer Guide  I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 10:34 pm

Ces, Thank you for doing this tutorial for us. This was indeed very informative and gave me more insight on the class I hate facing the most in FEZ.

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PostSubject: Re: Fencer Guide    Fencer Guide  I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 10:19 am

I didn't make this guide was a corp friend in another corps back in the day. All the credit goes to her and her epicness, I just pass the knowledge along. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Fencer Guide    Fencer Guide  I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 10:37 pm

... I still cant manage to use the defend skill... i suck Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Fencer Guide    Fencer Guide  I_icon_minitime

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Fencer Guide
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