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 Nation Weapon Getting Yours

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PostSubject: Nation Weapon Getting Yours   Nation Weapon Getting Yours I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 10:03 pm

Nation Weapon Quests
Each Kingdom has its own unique weapon quest reward. It will randomly pick one out of the three weapons, each have different level requirements. But the weapons that you want will have a level requirement of 35, but it has more damage than a regular level 40 (or Nation Shop level 30 weapon) by roughly 3 points. You cannot upgrade it and it does not have any Enchant Slots. It is a good weapon if you don’t plan on using Enchant Stones regularly. It is tradable, so you can make a character in another Nation just to make the weapon for your other characters.

Yelsord (Blue) – Staff
Hordaine (Yellow) - 1-handed Sword
Netzavare (Red) – 2-handed Axe
Cesedria (Green) – Bow
Gevrandia (Purple) – Dagger

To do the quest, you will have to collect two special materials, unique to each Nation. One of the item is purchasable from the Potions Shop for 5 Ring, this will be a level 1 weapon.

Yelsord (Blue) – Staff [Imitation]
Hordaine (Yellow) - 1-handed Sword [Inferior]
Netzavare (Red) – 2-handed Axe [Dull]
Cesedria (Green) – Bow [Counterfeit]
Gevrandia (Purple) – Dagger [Fake]

The second item you will get from hunting at 3-Spider Maps of that Nation’s Island.

Yelsord (Blue) – Red Crystal
Hordaine (Yellow) – Silver Ore
Netzavare (Red) – Tantalum
Cesedria (Green) – Argan's Staff
Gevrandia (Purple) – Beast’s Fang

Upon getting both of these items, you will have to go and talk to the Weapons Quest NPC in the Kingdom Capital

Yelsord [Kotone] (Blue) – E3
Hordaine [Mulder] (Yellow) – D4
Netzawar[Vaide] (Red) – E7
Cesedria [Corp] (Green) – E6
Gevrandia [Suzie] (Purple) – B6

Black Eye Secert ****** XD

Farm black eyes , you know the black glasses from salamandas.

Once you get on make an alt for what ever nation.

Do the red anf blue letter quest get you to level 10-11.

This takes about 15-20 mins. ( don't worry about doing it perfect unless you keeping the alt)

Then find the npc who ask for the black eyes.

He will trade nation item for them.

Then buy the nation tool shop wep and find the npc to trade in.

Can only trade in black eyes once per a character. So you will have to make alt after alt for this methord. If you can handle the character switching and farming this way is not to back make a pretty good amount of money from farming black eyes.
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Nation Weapon Getting Yours
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