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 BraveSoul corps general information~

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BraveSoul corps general information~ Empty
PostSubject: BraveSoul corps general information~   BraveSoul corps general information~ I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 12:13 am

< BraveSoul >

Created: 11/03/2011

Captain: Renzo

Vice Captains: Opa, Prails (a.k.a. Yuffiest) [ And Sze! ]

Corps Level: 5

Additional Info: Fun and friendly guild for dedicated FEZ players.
We always try for Mission Maps and help each other with gold,
weapons and gear.

Our Vice Captains are active and will be in-charge of recruiting,
training and addressing questions, comments and or concerns
if ever I myself (Captain) am not available.

Requirements for joining < BraveSoul > : Just be yourself. If you -can't- be yourself for personal reasons that's fine too.
We're not going to give you a hard time. But it's always best when you're yourself, Right?

Additional Netz corps: If ever you feel < BraveSoul > just isn't for you try these other great (English Speaking corps) in Netz!

< Nameless >
Captain: Noobia & Niniane
VCP: Netpool

< Daybreak >
Captain: Lhaikz a.k.a. MisaKiss
VCP: Uni_corn, Pantie, Kharnage, Shuly, Drossel, -----


< Stargaze >
Captain: Ellohria
VCP: ???

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BraveSoul corps general information~
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